Unigraf UCD-500 Gen2 Now Shipping

Jun 8, 2023

Unigraf’s DP 2.1 Test Tool UCD-500 Gen2 is now available for order. UCD-500 Gen2 is the successor to UCD-500. Unigraf’s latest SW Bundle 3.1 offers support for UCD-500 Gen2.

UCD-500 Gen2 new features include:

– 20 Gb support on the Physical layer for DP connectors
– Cable detection capability for DP40 and DP80 cables

UCD-500 Gen2 also supports all the same features as the first-generation UCD-500. The highlights include:

– 16K Video Generator & Analyzer
– 8K@60Hz without compression
– 16K@60Hz with DSC
– DP 2.1 Link Layer CTS
– HDCP 2.3 CTS for receivers, transmitters and repeaters
– Support for Adaptive-Sync, DSC, FEC and LTTPR
– Color depth 6 to 16bpc
– Color formats: RGB, YCbCr 444, 422, 420, Raw
– Capture memory 16GB

For detailed information: https://www.unigraf.fi/product/displayport-2-video-generator-analyzer-ucd-500/