Signature IP Opens New R&D Center

Oct 23, 2023

Signature IP, a leading innovator in intellectual property solutions, is proud to announce its expansion into India with the establishment of a new Research and Development (R&D) center in Bhubaneswar. This strategic move reflects Signature IP’s commitment to fostering innovation, nurturing local talent, and furthering its global leadership in semiconductor IP solutions.

The new R&D center in Bhubaneswar signifies a significant milestone in Signature IP’s global expansion strategy. India’s thriving technology landscape, coupled with a rich pool of engineering talent, makes it an ideal location for innovation and collaboration. The center will be dedicated to research and development activities, including the development of innovative semiconductor products.

“We are excited to establish our presence in Bhubaneswar, India,” said Parag Bhatt, VP of Engineering at Signature IP. “This new R&D center represents our commitment to advancing technological excellence, expanding our global footprint, and commitment to investment in this region. India’s exciting tech ecosystem aligns perfectly with our mission to drive innovation sustainably, and we look forward to collaborating with local educational institutions and contributing to the country’s semiconductor industry in the short and long term.”

Signature IP’s R&D center in Bhubaneswar will not only focus on innovation but also serve as a hub for collaboration with local universities, research institutions, and semiconductor companies. This collaborative ecosystem aims to foster knowledge exchange, research partnerships, and talent development, enriching the region’s semiconductor landscape.

“Signature IP’s Bhubaneswar expansion will tap a deep well of talent for SoC development and advanced research projects,” said Mario Pasquali, CEO and president of Ellisys, a founding member of the Symbiosys Alliance. “As an organization that promotes innovation powered through synergistic collaborations amongst its membership, which includes Signature IP, the Symbiosys Alliance members are pleased to see the launch of this new R&D center and we all look forward to the acceleration of ideas that will surely follow.”

Among Signature IP’s portfolio, their NoC is a testament to the company’s dedication to pushing boundaries of what’s possible in semiconductor design. The company strives to speed SoC design by making the design of the NoC – the backbone of the chip – fast, flexible, and configurable. By enabling their customers to easily change the NoC topology, experiment with different configuration settings, and instantly simulate the results to measure throughput and latency, they make it possible to explore the design space at the top level of the chip before making major architectural decisions. When customers are ready to prototype or implement the NoC, their pushbutton RTL generation connects directly with customers’ EDA and FPGA environments.
For more information about Signature IP’s web-based NoC designer and its capabilities, visit www.signatureip.ai.

About Signature IP

After several years of incubation, Signature IP was founded in 2021 to develop advanced Network-on-Chip (NoC) solutions that form the basis for a full platform for SoC design. Signature IP is a leading company that provides engineering in interconnect, networking, data center, storage, and connectivity IP, from specification to production. The establishment of the new R&D center in Bhubaneswar, India, reinforces Signature IP’s commitment to fostering innovation and nurturing talent in the region.