SANBlaze Releases Software Update with FDP

Jan 17, 2024

Certified by SANBlaze Test Suite Helps Develop, Validate, and Debug NVMe SSDs

Littleton, MA, USA — January 17, 2024 — SANBlaze Technology Inc., a leading worldwide provider of advanced storage test and validation technologies, today announced availability of a conformance test suite supporting Flexible Data Placement (FDP), an emerging NVMe® SSD technology for host data storage stacks and applications. The new FDP capabilities, available on release V10.6 of the Certified by SANBlaze test suite allows SSD manufacturers to efficiently and accurately test FDP implementations on their drives in half the time it would take using home-grown or open-source tools.

“Flexible Data Placement (FDP) is an innovative next generation SSD technology which enables improved performance, improved quality of service and reduction of SSD wear, enabling SSDs to last longer. Having test suites to develop, validate and debug this technology is an important part of the ecosystem to enable deployment of high-quality products.” Ross Stenfort, Hardware Systems Engineer, Meta.


“We are excited to announce that our Certified by SANBlaze test suite software now includes FDP conformance tests per the FDP specification for SSD validation and testing,” said Rick Walsh, Sr. Vice President, SANBlaze. “The ability to test FDP ensures that SSD developers can meet FDP datacenter standards, achieving full compliance while meeting time-to-market and design objectives.”

SANBlaze Software IP

SANBlaze’s V10.6 software package incorporates multiple new Certified by SANBlaze test suites, including FDP and OCP, other important updates, and customer-requested enhancements. The Certified by SANBlaze test suite runs on SANBlaze hardware, including the SBExpress-RM5 PCIe 5.0 NVMe Rackmount test system and the SBExpress-DT5 PCIe 5.0 NVMe Desktop test system.