Quarch Serves Crucial Role in Automotive Testing

Nov 3, 2023

Quarch Technology Ltd is a leading supplier of award-winning power analysis and fault injection test solutions for automotive applications. The company’s automated, scalable test systems were featured at the Automotive Testing Expo (Detroit, Nov 2023) in the Symbiosys Alliance booth. Live product demos included:

  • Power analysis for EV charging with our 3-phase AC PAM
  • AC motor analysis is also possible with the 3-phase AC PAM
  • DC power analysis for anything that has a suitable shunt resistor (From small embedded shunts in R&D prototype files boards to high-power DC supplies) with our multi-channel PAMs
  • USB testing (hot-plug, physical layer interruption and switching) with our popular range of automated test devices
  • Automotive fault injection with our multi-protocol breaker, injecting physical layer faults into a wide range of communication interfaces from I2C, CAN and LIN, up to 1000Base-T1

Read the complete show summary here: https://quarch.com/news/automotive-testing-expo/