New Patented iRiser5 from SANBlaze

Feb 29, 2024

SANBlaze Announces its New Patented iRiser5 for Precision Signal Control and Measurement

Quality Teams Can Now Design Specifically Tailored Test Scenarios

Littleton, MA, USA — February 28, 2024 — SANBlaze Technology Inc., a leading worldwide provider of advanced storage test and validation technologies, is pleased to announce its iRiser5 device which brings precise signal control and measurement to Gen5 PCIe NVMe testing with the SANBlaze SBexpress-DT5 and SBExpress-RM5 PCIe NVMe test systems.

“iRiser5 brings precision control of the PCIe lanes in the data path from the NVMe device to the host, and out-of-band signals such as reset (PERST) and Power, allowing users to design test scenarios specifically tailored to their testing needs,” said Vince Asbridge, President, SANBlaze. “The patented SANBlaze iRiser5 can monitor drive power at up to 1M samples per second, giving near real-time power response as drives come online and handle resets or power down.”

Signals under control are timed at an 80nS interval in relation to each other, giving the user ultimate control over complex testing scenarios, such as a drive reset at a specific time after power is asserted.

“The SANBlaze FPGA controlled iRiser5 device enables back-to-back signal glitching at very granular intervals, currently unavailable elsewhere in the market today,” said Rick Walsh, Sr. Vice President, SANBlaze. “This state-of-the-art technology is exclusively patented and offered by SANBlaze to fulfill customer demands for test control at precise power measurement.”

The iRiser5 operates seamlessly with the SANBlaze standard riser capabilities, such as SRIS/SRNS and Power state testing, losing no functionality with the addition of the iRiser5 as an initial purchase, or post purchase as a hardware upgrade.