Ellisys Introduces Support for CCC Digital Key

Dec 4, 2023

Protocol Updates Aid in Test, Validation, and Debug for Automotive and Consumer Electronics Developers and Test Labs

Ellisys, a leading worldwide provider of Bluetooth®, Universal Serial Bus (USB), Ultra-Wideband, and Wi-Fi® protocol test and analysis solutions has announced support for Digital Key specifications on its industry-leading Bluetooth protocol analysis solutions. Digital Key is an initiative from the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) that is creating a standardized, secure approach to authentication, sharing, and storing of digital keys for smart vehicles. The CCC focuses on a convergence of automotive and consumer electronics for the purpose of creating secure access for smart vehicles. Ellisys Bluetooth protocol analyzers and qualification tools are well established in both industries.

The added support consists of protocol recognition and decoding capabilities on captured Bluetooth traffic operating between devices supporting the Digital Key standard. These decodes make it easier for engineers to recognize, understand, characterize, and validate wireless exchanges between Digital Key devices, such as handsets and automobiles.

“Our Bluetooth solutions have been used to characterize, debug, validate, and qualify Bluetooth controllers, IP, and end products at most every major automotive and consumer electronics manufacturer in the world for more than a decade,“ said Mario Pasquali, Ellisys president and CEO. “These industries not only depend on us for timely support of the frequent and often complex evolutions in Bluetooth technology, but for higher-layer implementations that enable specific functionalities, such as Digital Key. Adding protocol support for Digital Key creates a welcome layer of project-specific visibility and clarity for engineers working with the CCC specifications, without which, a time-consuming manual process would be required.”

Ellisys Bluetooth Protocol Analyzers

Ellisys Bluetooth protocol analysis systems provide concurrent capture and precise synchronization of a variety of wireless and wired traffic streams beyond Bluetooth and its multitudes of profiles, protocols, and services in order to meet the requirements of a very broad complement of radio and system developers, test labs, IP companies, makers of consumer electronics, automotive companies, and many others. These streams include Wi-Fi, Low-Rate WPAN technologies (802.15.4) common communications protocols like UART, SPI, SWD, I2C, USB, logic / GPIOs, digital audio, and UWB Subsystem Control Interface (UCI) traffic.

Availability and Information

All models of Ellisys Bluetooth protocol analysis tools now include support for CCC Digital Key protocol over Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). For existing customers, support is added by doing a software update from within the analyzer’s software application. No cost is involved; all Ellisys Bluetooth protocol analysis systems are provided with free lifetime software updates and technical support.