Date and time
April 5-6 2023, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM EDT

The Westin Southfield Detroit

Ellisys | SerialTek | Quarch | Unigraf | Signature IP

Synopsys | Bluetooth SIG | DENSO | Renesas | Rohde & Schwarz | Novel Bits | UNH-IOL

Join us for two days of wide-ranging presentations on the latest tools, techniques, and trends delivered by an all-star lineup of industry technology leaders, including standards organizations, test equipment manufacturers, and automotive silicon & IP developers.

This no-cost event, hosted by Symbiosys Alliance, is open to professionals working in the automotive industry, including OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. Content is designed for engineers, technicians, marketing staff, and managers from engineering and manufacturing disciplines.

This seminar is a great opportunity for peer networking and 1:1 discussions on the latest technology specifications, the coming additions to those specifications, market trends, silicon availability and functionalities, and the advanced protocol and RF test tools that make it all happen.

Includes sideline exhibits featuring sponsors’ products and services.

Classroom setup with continental breakfast and buffet lunch provided.

Event parking is free.


Day 1
Bluetooth and other wireless technologies

8:00 AM Registration (continental breakfast served)
9:00 AM Welcome Presentation
9:05 AM Introduction to Bluetooth LE Development in Automotive Applications
presented by Mohammad Afaneh, Novel Bits  
9:45 AM Connected Vehicles Using Renesas Bluetooth LE Devices
presented by David Lara, Renesas
10:30 AM Exhibits / Coffee Break
11:00 AM Highly Accurate and Secure Distance Measurement using Bluetooth® Technology
presented by Henry Wong, Bluetooth SIG with Paul Skentzos and Kyle Golsch, DENSO
12:15 PM Lunch Buffet
1:00 PM The Evolving Role of Bluetooth in Automotive and Related Testing Challenges
presented by Chuck Trefts, Ellisys
1:45 PM 5 Min Break
1:50 PM Bluetooth LE Technology Evolution and How to Test These Devices
presented by Clark Conrad, Rohde & Schwarz
2:30 PM Exhibits / Coffee Break
3:00 PM Bluetooth IP – Accelerating future Automotive Electronic Applications 
presented by Charles Dittmer, Synopsys
3:45 PM Closing Presentation

Day 2
PCIe, DisplayPort, Power Analysis, Fault Injection, and Ethernet

8:00 AM Registration (continental breakfast served)
9:00 AM Welcome Presentation
9:05 AM Automotive Power Analysis, Including EV Applications
presented by Michael Dearman, Quarch Technology
9:50 AM 5 Min Break
9:55 AM Single Pair Ethernet and Time Sensitive Networking Testing and Challenges
presented by Bob Noseworthy, University of New Hampshire’s InterOperability Lab
10:40 AM Exhibits / Coffee Break
11:15 AM Automotive Ethernet Technology Evolution and How to Test These Devices
presented by Mike Schnecker, Rohde & Schwarz
12:00 PM Lunch Buffet
12:45 PM DisplayPort Solutions for Automotive Applications
presented by Juan Calderon, Unigraf
1:25 PM 5 Min Break
1:30 PM Physical layer fault injection (LAN, PCIE, Ethernet)
presented by Michael Dearman, Quarch Technology
2:15 PM Exhibits / Coffee Break
2:45 PM A Scalable, Configurable, Resilient Network-on-Chip (NoC) for Complex SoC and Chiplet-based Systems
presented by Parag Bhatt, Signature IP
3:15 PM PCIe for Automotive Applications
presented by Simon Thomas, SerialTek
3:45 PM Closing Presentation

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